6 Single Dads from Bollywood who broke the stigma revolving around men

Single parenting is something people fear since everybody aims at giving a proper lifestyle and exposure to their children under the shadow of a proper family. Both mom and dad are essential for the children upbringing and parenting in the world where maternal love and father’s values are inculcated into the child.

Single parenting is not just something we should be respecting of but it should equally be considered in a society where most of the marriage failures deeply affect a child’s mindset. A child who considerably accepts such situations at a very young age and moves on with his parent happily, becomes both strong and an understanding individual growing up into mature adult.

While single parenting draws maximum inclination and attention towards single moms, one would be enthralled to know that single dad out there have shown equal responsibility in raising up their child alone while breaking the norms and misconceptions surrounding this theory in our society.

Bollywood stars, however, on the other hand, play a big role in bringing a change in society by setting an example amidst big fan-base. They influence people immensely seeking everybody’s love and few of these men have shaped a fair interpretation of parenting while being single dads.

These men from Bollywood who are single dads have been raising their children by cultivating the needful love and affection of both mom and dad into the relationship they share with their children. 

Rahul Bose                                                                          


This underrated Bollywood star gained a lot of attention early in the industry. Rahul Bose is rather considered as one of the versatile actors who also got his name tagged under the credentials of director, rugby player and writer. This man is a single dad of 6 children he adopted from Andaman & Nicobar Islands. He is the superhero who has been completely involved in educating his kids, Pratima, Rukhsar, Matrena, Bindu, Jinu and Animesh who have been sheltered under his love and upbringing since then. This man indeed broke the norms related to single dad parenting in the society by portraying a true definition of a parent.

Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor is the single parent to his son Laksshay who was born in 2016 through surrogacy using IVF. He too dons the hat of a single dad proudly and this man announced the arrival of his son with great joy and immense pleasure. He also revealed that nothing is easy and every decision he took made him strong and being a single parent is one of them.

 Karan Johar

This famous director set an example in terms of trampling the stigmas related to fatherhood by being a single parent to Yash and Roohi. His biography, An Unsuitable Boy prominently mentions his desire to embrace being a single dad and his two kids were born through surrogacy in 2017. His life has been revolving around his children since then and he also mentions being proud of becoming both father and mother. He is indeed a doting father!

Kamal Hassan

After 16 years of his married life, Kamal Hassan parted ways with his wife Sarika and brought up their two daughters, Shruti and Akshara on his own. He has been living as a proud father since then. His daughter Shruti, who is also a Bollywood star wrote a heartwarming letter to her dad on Father’s day sharing cute pictures with him and tagged him as a real superstar.

Hrithik Roshan

This Bollywood hunk is a single dad to two of his sons Hrehaan and Hredhaan. He too parted ways with his wife Sussanne Khan after 13 years of his marriage and has been upbringing his children proudly after the divorce. He also said that it has been the best phase of his life to watch his sons growing up and calls his sons his princes.

Rahul Dev

Rahul Dev with his sharp and chiselled jawline has been regarded as a successful actor, model, entrepreneur and social activist. This man is a single parent to 19-year-old son Siddhant after his beloved wife passed away from cancer 10 years back. Since then he has been taking care of his son single-handedly and he also took part in Big Boss 10 since he was in need of money to raise his son with proper education. 

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