Sikh foreign nationals who were blacklisted by the government due to involvement in anti-India activities has been reduced from 312 to just 2 as a home ministry official reported on Friday. The Sikhs who were barred from travelling back to India due to carrying out anti-nation activities were blacklisted by various Indian missions abroad that have now been discontinued.


The 312 nationals removed from the Central Adverse List are now eligible to get Indian visa and Overseas Indian Card (OCI) in due course while only two-person figure is in the list now. Thereby, these Sikh foreign nationals are eligible for availing visa services to visit their families in India and reunite with their roots.

Current practice by Indian Mission abroad

 All the Indian Mission/Posts abroad have been advised to grant proper visas to all categories of asylees and derivative asylees or their family members whose names do not occur in the Central Adverse List with the procedure followed for other categories of applicants of the same nationality.

Whereas, all the categories of the asylees eligible for availing long term India Visa are too eligible to apply for Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholder after held or applied visas for a minimum of two years.

Why did centre remove names of blacklisted Sikhs?

The decision was carried out by the government after security nationals reviewed the Central Adverse List or blacklist with 314 listed names of foreign nationals barred.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to the reviewing of the Central Adverse List at a meeting with UK based Sikhs during his London visit in 2015 and later he mandated National Security Advisor Ajit Doval to initiate the exercise within-firm security. During the next four years the list progressively pruned while there had been approaches to do away with the list symbolising a fractious relationship between Sikhs living abroad and the Indian states since 1984 Operation Blue-star.’

Why were the Sikh foreign nationals blacklisted?

A militant movement in the 1980s that aimed at separating Sikh’s homeland trampled over Sikh Indian Nationals and Foreign Nationals that fell under the anti-India propaganda. Few of them fled India to escape Indian authorities taking asylum outside India highlighting their names in the adverse list 2016 that made them ineligible to avail visa services to come back to India.

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