4 Places to visit if you’re in the lanes of Greece

The beauty of the plethora of ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches and friendly atmosphere of Greece packs the innate joy of walking through its lanes. The Greek gods designed this country with complete perfection that this awe-inspiring place gleams with its beautiful landscapes and mesmerising sceneries.

The spellbinding terrain of Greece piles up a list of places for you to visit if you’re wandering in the enchanting isle of Europe’s top destination place. This place also surrounds great delicacies and beverages for you that will lighten up your foodie soul while the locals of this place enchant the tourists with their stories and local folklore.

The damning pleasant architecture on Greece’s scattered island will stun you as you explore these historic sites and have a glimpse of the cultural delight of this place. Here is the list of 4 places you must visit to find the godly glance of this place famously known as the capital of Athens and its iconic Parthenon.


Only a few of the cities have the potential to boost their history as perfectly as Athens can. This place grew roots of democracy and is regarded as the founder of Western Civilisation. Athens emerged to be the city spreading and stretching across the ages which showcased its jazzy side to the world after the 2004 Olympics. The throbbing site of modern subways, spotless streets, well-treated parks and the ultimate warm locals make this place a vibrant one which flows with innate Greek culture. Parthenon, Plaka District and Temple of Zeus are few of the spectacular sites to explore if you’re amongst those who like to stroll among the cobbled streets. Make sure to choose to best restaurants in this place since the authentic food is said to make you feel tempted and spoilt.

Greek Islands

These islands are not just exotic but they also drive a passion for exploration and wander around these luring sites. With more than 2000 islands on the list, you can choose any of them and discover bewilderment through exploring beautiful beaches, colourful harbours and active volcanoes on the Greek islands. Out of these numerous islands, Santorini proves to be one of the gorgeous islands with its picturesque beauty of whitewashed houses, the traditional maze-like architecture blended with modern and cosmopolitan society add a great significance to your tour.


This is one of the most discussed tourist places in Greece which is an old port town perfect for your ideal vacation! This place is lined up with joyous amusement parks, pearly sand beaches, museums and local shopping hubs that seek the attention of every hippie strolling by. One should not afford to miss out on visiting the Seaworld at Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile rescue centre and the stunning horses at Arion Stables. Riding at Star beach Water Park and theme parks is a must and you will find a menu of various delicacies with summery drinks at this cultural place of Greece.


This place is a trident more like a peninsula nearby Thessaloniki that has excellent beaches. This island has three separate peninsulas that are famous for respective specialities. Kassandra is popular for its never-ending nightlife, Sithonia for the picturesque beaches while Athos is popular for having monks. This place resides at a quiet surrounding with a better built-up architecture which belongs majorly to the Mount Athos monastic community. One can easily travel to this place through boat which is open to male pilgrims only. 

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