Google is getting the new Android Version of the iMessage

Later this month in France and UK, Android phone users will be using new iMessage which is the new generation texting service known as the Chat.

Chat is an easier way to communicate with your friends who are using Android phones. It works similar to iMessage that offers many ellipses and let us read receipt symbols and help us to indicate when others are typing on iMessage.

It let us send a text through the Wi-Fi service, to save their cellular data. You can enjoy many features of Chat service from Google like you can send high-resolution videos and images.

“Our goal is mainly to introduce the new messaging experience to every android user with more progress in future”, said Snaza Ahari Director of Google Product Management in the recent CNN Business Statement.

More people will get access to Google chat from outside the UK and France. There are not more details when exactly this service will be rolled out for other countries complete. iMessage was based on the RCS (Rich Communication Service) where SMS was replaced by Text Message.

Last year Google was working with Samsung and with another carrier to improve the protocol of Android Service for getting independent support!

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