5 Work from home jobs that are too good to be true!

If you’re one of those who are tired of travelling to the workplace every day and feeling homesick the whole time, then you’ve reached the right place! Before the dawning of the internet literally nothing existed and people worked harder day-night to earn their bread and butter.

However, real opportunities have simply come at your fingertips nowadays when the digital world has emerged gradually. Most questionable part here arises whether these work from home jobs which we are going to mention here are credible and trustworthy enough or not. Nevertheless, work from home jobs is ultimately trustworthy and credible once you start producing the needful results. You may call most of these jobs as freelancing too.

Multiple gadgets and digital platforms have flourished to help enthusiasts emerge digitally no matter which part of the world they reside at. If you want to coast into this virtual world with real skills you imbibe, check out these listed work from home jobs for yourself:-

Virtual Assistant

This job profile majorly requires an individual to help any organisation to be organised and marginalised with administrative tasks. Independent contractors support multiple clients in diverse industries by succouring to their administrative, creative and technical demands. This job varies drastically while its pay varies from $15 and $75 per hour.

Freelance Writer

Writers are the soul of any organisation where they are needed to write news, articles, create content that’s engaging to the readers and come up with creative ideas that fill up their internet pages. Various big sites have in-house writers and hire freelance writers and content creators. Sites like Upwork.com list various freelancing positions for content writers and provide big opportunities for the writer to write from home and send in projects. Most writers earn $150 per article and many go up to $1500 per project.

Social Media Manager

All a social media manager requires is an internet connection and a digital system to work on. Social media bandwagon help an organisation reach its customers directly online without paying hefty amounts to run advertisements traditionally. Social media managers often earn the same as a virtual assistant rating from $15 to $75.

Travel Agent

This home-based job has decreased over the decade but the opportunities have remained the same. Travel agents primarily harness the internet to earn clients and help them plan out their itinerary. About 15% of travel agents are self-employed while the rest have worked with certain travel arrangements and reservation services industry. Travel agents earn a national wage of $36,460 per year.


Blogging is unlike any other work from home jobs mentioned above. This platform is a unique platform to show up your skills and build yourself. This includes writing and building oneself in an audience, growing their site and monetizing it to earn an income. Some ways bloggers make money include advertising sponsored posts, Google Adsense and product sales. This can help a blogger earn big only by investing just $12 per year. 

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