5 Steps to take before choosing your career

While most of the people nowadays follow streamlined pathways, career choice is quite sporadic amongst youngsters who gush at the thought of deciding on what to do next. However, many people simply plot a rash-generalisation about a career in their mind-frame painting a rosy picture of the doldrums they’ve taken up.

The rickety future associated with each decision you take would perhaps be precarious and insecure. One seriously needs to understand the rigorousness and necessity chunked up with career decision making to successfully emerge in a particular platform. Having a choice of own is something that overpowers you to value each and every step you take independently.

Following the herd of sheep is not suggested in this arena else your artistic mind would be vulnerable to 9 to 6 desk job which it has clearly not asked for. With a complete lifetime of dedication in your career, it is crucial to have a satisfying goal in order to lead a good life. No matter how much ever fads you come across the lane concerning career choosing, keep these major points in mind pertinent to career choice.

1.     Assess yourself

Every entity or being in the world is bestowed with certain talents, interests and values that further becomes their goal if recognised. However, one necessarily needs to discover that ridge before venturing on a career ride. No matter how smart or adaptable you are, there are specific goals that satisfy a person to the extent of enjoying all they have. Analyse yourself, know your likes and dislikes by taking certain counselling or doing self-evaluation.

2.     Know your potential

Before pitching into the fray of competition, know whether you’re eligible or capable enough to fight. You need not be perfect at everything and hence accept that! This thought of self-acceptance will never demean you until you realise that you can do better in other things. Take a pen and paper and put down all the potential occupations you’re capable of pursuing. Match your skills with it and create a nuanced version of this list at the last. Select the top 5 particular jobs that interest you matching your skills and talent.

3.     Set Goals

To row through the stream of your circled career, start establishing attainable goals. Draft a career map highlighting the virtual road to success with a specified timeline. This means that make sure you reach your minor goals within 1-3 years and major goals within 3-5 years. Prepare nicely, work hard, be realistic and remain committed throughout the years you pass by. Try not getting deviated from these set of goals you’ve drafted in future. Only focussed ones end up somewhere while those who are committed end up nowhere.

4.     Career Action Plan

This plan is solely yours which you’ve established yourself. Creating such a plan is necessary because you need to know how to execute the plan and get along with your set goals in the sketched downtime period. Plan steps to reach these goals which should be inclusive of a plan B ready-to-use anytime you face obstacles. Take vital steps to address them and clearly define which kind of training, employment or education you need to undergo in order to professionally initiate your career.                                                        

5.     Obtain Training

Once you’re well-versed with the plan and talent you imbibe, start getting trained and absorbing experience during your initial years. Earn a college degree, learn and go for seamless internships and training which will enhance your skills even more. Try investing your time and energy in experience and learning initially and don’t settle for earning too soon.  

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