US President Donald Trump on India-Pak Disputes

It has been marked that tensions between the two countries, India and Pakistan spiked up after the abrogation of Article 370 which evoked strong and offensive reactions across borders from Islamabad. This dispute led to the degradation of ties between the two countries and Pakistan also expelled the Indian Ambassador.


While both the countries are at a serious odd now over Kashmir, US President Donald Trump after meeting PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave in a readout in the white-house on Wednesday that mentioned Mr Trump encouraging PM Modi to improve relations with Pakistan and fulfil his promise to make lives of the Kashmiri people better.

Also, this readout splurged engaging reactions across the two countries since India has been facing challenges faced because of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

Adding to this sensitive situation, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale stated that the PM made it clear that the country is not shying away from talks with Pakistan while External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar mentioned India’s position to be clear.

“I think it has been articulated by the Prime Minister earlier. It was articulated yesterday (Tuesday) by the foreign secretary so that position remains,” Mr Kumar told the reporters.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said these points on India-Pakistan disputes:-

Productive conversation from both sides


He said that he had had productive conversations with leaders of both India and Pakistan on the margins of UN General Assembly. "With respect to Pakistan and India, we talked about Kashmir. Whatever help I can be, I said, I offered, whether it's arbitration or mediation or whatever it has to be. You look at the two gentlemen heading those two countries... two good friends of mine. I said, fellows work it out, just work it out. Those are two nuclear countries, got to work it out,” said Trump at a news conference.

Offer to Mediate between Pakistan and India

India has been a witness of Donald Trump’s constant efforts to mediate between India and Pakistan which New Delhi consciously kept on rejecting saying that the bilateral issue should not be a third party concern.

 "I think as far as Pakistan is concerned, India, they're talking, I'm certainly willing to help. I think they would in a certain way like my help. But they've to both want it. They have very different views and I'm concerned about it," Mr Trump said on Tuesday after meeting the Pakistan PM Imran Khan on the UN general assembly’s sidelines. 

The first offer of Arbitration or mediation

While addressing the media along with Imran Khan in July, Donald Trump made his first offer of arbitration on Kashmir and later encouraged PM Narendra Modi to improve ties between each other. This arbitration got a sudden response from India that curtly said that they don’t expect any third-party intervention in such a bilateral issue. 

Two Nuclear countries gotta work it out

"You look at the two gentlemen heading those two countries, two good friends of mine. I said, fellows work it out, just work it out. Those are two nuclear countries, gotta work it out," said US President Donald Trump after Imran Khan made the Kashmir issue international. 

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