Ayodhya Title Suit Highlights

Soon after the apex court announced that the last day for hearings in the title dispute are Wednesday, people around the nation have their eyes fixated over the upcoming verdict as the Supreme Court has been looking forward to conclude the arguments before its advanced deadline of October 17.

A five-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi has been all ears to the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit for the past 39 days. Sequential crooks of events and arguments have been taking place in the court since the morning while it has come to high drama as one of the petitioners sought to withdraw from the title suit.

Now as CJI fixed 5 pm as the deadline for concluding arguments in the prolonged legal battle and immense turmoil paved the court’s pillars as CJI Gogoi criticised the decorum in the court.

Major highlights:-

Sunni Waqf Board to Withdraw from Title Dispute

As the drama unrolled in the SC, the petition by Sunni Waqf the board was relayed by the mediation panel to the court. The move came amid reports of a rift between members of the board following FIRs against its chairman ZA Faruqui that came after the UP government has been ordered to carry out an inquiry by the CBI against him into alleged illegal sale and purchase of land for the board.

However, sources confirmed that Faruqui had attempted to change his Advocate-on-record in the Ayodhya case and also wrote to the mediation panel pleading for a fresh round of discussion without the knowledge of his legitimate team.

Renewed proposal of making Places of Religious Worship Act 1991 water-tight

Asking the legal authorities, the mediation panel was guided to give up its claim on the disputed site but sought that Place of Religious Worship Act, 1991 to be made water-tight. It also asked the government to take over maintenance of 22 mosques in Ayodhya which were ruined in riots and conflicts post-Babri-Masjid demolition. The religious places under the control of Archaeological Survey of India were asked by the court to be checked by a formed committee.

Senior Advocate starts tearing papers and maps

Just as the hearing paves smoothly, Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhavan representing the Muslim side starts tearing papers and maps which the Hindu Mahasabha petitioners handed over to him. This action sparked on when Ranjan Gogoi told him to shred the papers which Dhavan persisted.

Ranjan Gogoi strikes Lawyers over Decorum

Just after a senior advocate tore off the handed over documents, Babri Masjid Action Committee SQR IIlyas reacted to the Sunni Waqf’s affidavit proposal and told the CJI that the Board is under pressure from UP government. This led the chief from reacting on the Sunni Waqf Board’s proposal and he only rebuked lawyers for breaching deadlines.

"We will just go through the paper. It isn't only about the time but the decorum. As far as we are concerned, hearings look over," CJI says repeating his intention to conclude the proceedings. 

Ayodhya Revisited placed on desk

One of the senior advocates representing Hindu Mahasabha, places the book ‘Ayodhya Revisited’ by former IPS Kishore Kunal containing pages about the pre-existence of Ram temple on the site.

Union Minister refuses to comment

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad refused to comment over the proceedings mentioning that it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to speak being a law minister.

The real essence of the matter commences

 Soon after a senior advocate, PN Mishra arguing for Hindu party referred to Baburnama and chronology of historical events, Justice DY Chandrachud requested him to submit specifically on points of limitations saying that they are finally on the real essence of the matter.

“Next to foolish” argument

As Rajeev Dhavan called PN Mishra’s arguments ‘next to foolish’ and said that the senior advocate did not talk about the land revenue, Justice Chandrachud reprimanded him and asked him not to make any personal comments. 

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