Oil prices increase after the American Drone damaged

The tension between the two nations of Iran and the U.S spiked the price of oil prices. Above a barrel of $57 total 6% price of Oil escalated.

One of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Said, "US Military Drone was shot dead and we feared not to increase the military conflicts and which can potentially cut the oil supply.

President Donald Trump tweeted "Iran made a very big mistake" after the drone was brought down.

From past few years tension with Iran is building up worse and these situations went so worst after the two tankers were attacked in Hormuz in the last week. This attack was also blamed on Iran.

Important oil flow tract "The Strait" from the Middle East to other Global marketers is located near the Persian Gulf. Additional 1,000 troops were sent to the Middle East which raised the tension with the country of Iran. On Thursday, first direct Iranian attack on US assets make the worst crisis.

One of Iran's Elite Revolutionary Forces said, “Aircraft of America was shot down into the southern province of the region of Hormozgan. High confrontations between United State and Iran have mounted.


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