Melbourne, A new test site for Uber Fly Service

Melbourne is another destination that is choosed as the first city to debut its Flying taxis outside United States. On Tuesday, it is announced, Uber test flying Flights will begin by next year and its commercial service will start from 2023.

“Uber is planning to see other Australian Cities for flying taxi service”, Susan Anderson, Uber Regional Manager said in latest conference in United State.

After 4 cities Dallas, California, Texas and Los Angeles, Melbourne is the Fifth city that can host the first trial of Uber Flying Taxi. These electric taxis will be flown by a licensed pilot with good experience. Recently Uber has partnered with NASA, Boeing (BA) and Rolls Royce (RYCEF) for its new flying taxi program.

Safety will be the key concern of Uber as it has more than 4 million customers for its regular service.“Future transport technologies and forward-looking approach to ridesharing have been adopted by Australian government”, said Susan Anderson in an emailed statement

Uberfly on-demand taxi can be ordered by anyone through their smart phones apps in the same way as Uber taxis are hailed for road service!

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