5 Indian start ups that went beyond success

In a country where cultural grassroots and innovation resides, the business has grown into a million dollars profession. While it takes an intelligible skill to start a business, a lot of poignant sharpness and sanity is required to form a good syndicate in our country.

Business is the trade where new talented industrialists and businessmen slide over to create their own grassroots under the platform that garners a lot of reverence amongst the firm. Unlike the first gen-entrepreneurs, Indian start-ups bootstrap the founders to put forth their own choices of following their dreams. Very few startups grow in the society with great veneration and regards, successfully fetching huge wealth.

However, these startups have grown being the embodiment of success and determination and big names manifesting plain dedication and diligence in their empire.


GrabOn is a start-up established in 2013 by Ashok Reddy in Hyderabad in e-commerce. It further looks forward to establishing itself as a companion for all the Indian shoppers in the next five years. However, the company operates in multiple verticals including deals and coupons (GrabOn), price comparison (Best PriceOn) and gift cards. This fast pacing company grew within 15 months of its launch and boasted around 4000 plus brand associations and 60 alliances to surge ahead of the competition beating them harshly.


Gxpress is a logistics company that launched in the year of 2016 and got it roots from Praveen Vashistha at Jaipur. It aims at providing customised service solutions for international logistics and e-commerce sellers in India by enabling the selling of products on Amazon and eBay along with allowing various exporters, wholesalers and manufacturers. This logistics network has reached the revenue of INR 7 Cr in its first year of starting up and doubled by the end of 2018 expanding its services.


This tech enterprise laid its foundation in 2011 in California, Chennai. Happy Fox was started by Shalin Jain as a multilingual help desk ticketing system endorsing customer support channels. This company transforms requests from emails, phone and chats into organised tickets. Apparently, the company has rendered its seamless service in 35 International languages and is used by thousands of companies of all lengths spread across sectors like education, government, media and manufacturing.


InterviewBit is another tech enterprise that was established in Pune in 2015 by two of its founders Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena. This company spreads its branches offering a platform for free interview preparation. This enterprise functions by collecting user data, coding and matching them to jobs that suit them the best. This agency assists as tech recruiters that are self-funded. It is partnered with more than 500 employers in India to help them drive entire campus hiring for companies like Uber, Saavn, Toppr etc. Interview Bit envisions training and enhancing placements of at least 25,000 students graduating this year with an annual package of INR 10 lakhs.


Mudraka is a company running under the partnership of Gayatri Kapur and Nikhil Pawa at the national capital Delhi NCR. This e-commerce firm saw its emergence in 2016 for outdoor advertising with vendors across the country. This company later shifted from marketplace model to the inventory model scaling year by year, multiplying its revenue 7 times of 2018.  Mudraka’s key objective is to grow the partner base and resolve opaque pricing issues for the companies.  

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