Top 3 Business Brands in the world

With the thriving population, brands have proved to be of greater aspect in our lives which innately celebrate its uniqueness and value amidst the competitive market. One of the major spaces for brand-development has been the internet, it has been hard to accurately judge the full value of a high-quality brand.

However, business is the root of everything with development as its offspring stem. Brands not just store a successful global corporation but an enormous amount of time and energy is put forward to frame the brand image. All the available channels of development are online or traditional means that have been regarded as contributing to the company’s success.

Being the face of corporate giants, the world’s most valuable brands make a revenue of billions of dollars becoming a daily sighting and experience for countless people across the globe. The value of whatever the brand, the image gets triggered by the company’s financial performance. This is how these brands entitled as the topmost business ones have emerged in the race.

1.     Apple

Amidst the commotion of multiple brands thriving in recent year, Apple is far and away from the leader with its brand value of $214.48 billion. Apple emerged initially with its phones that splurged ecstatic reactions from the people and now the phones are priced nearly $1000 while it still manages to sell millions every month. This brand has seamlessly dominated the premium end smartphones in the technology market. Its annual revenue is $229.23 billion while the average salary of the company is $121,000.

2.     Google

This search engine paces ahead from apple in terms of brand value. The unrivalled impact this brand has had on the public with its giant reach is undoubtedly the unique one. Google not just approached the monopoly status in multiple markets but it has little resistance from regulators. This company created its brand image that yet continues to emerge and grow since it is the world’s largest distributor of advertising, DoubleClick owning it all. It has its impeccable brand value of $155.50 billion while the annual revenue is nearly $110.86 billion.

3.     Amazon

This brand not only marks to be the world’s most valuable brand but it is also the fastest-growing one with its brand value growth of 56%. This company has been offering the best access to products and services which any company could not have adopted this approach more successfully. Amazon’s brand value gauged up to $100.76 billion this year earning annual revenue of $177.87 billion. 

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