Wedding Outfit Shopping Guide for Every Bride

Every Bride jumps off the ground excitedly at the joyful thought of shopping! Undoubtedly, it is one of the most exciting aspects of the entire wedding. While choosing the right and perfect dress stirs multiple emotions in the bride, there are chances of making mistakes in selecting the right thing amidst the commotion of preparation and nervousness.

This not just simmers doubtfulness, but it also drives a wave of nervousness inside the bride due to the rush and gush of work of wedding. To minimise your chances of blunder, we have listed these guidelines for the bride for an ideal shopping. Keep scrolling.

1.     Do not shop with too many people

Before heading out to shop and hit the lanes, it is very important to choose the right companion. This outfit which you decide would be the most important outfit you’re going to wear in your life. Carrying too many people along with you can confuse you amidst multiple opinions hence choose one person who gets along with you. Take your mother along with your close friend or sister to go for genuine opinions and save yourself the stress.

2.     Don’t Shop too early

Fast fashion is so main-stream nowadays that fashion comes and goes without even letting us know and this is why the bride should always be aware of when to start shopping. Never shop 4 months earlier since the trend you chose to wear on your big day can soon get outdated by the time you come close to the occasion.  Take a month or two to get your wedding outfit stitched, finished and handed over to you which will also save you the pain of ill-fitting dresses.

3.     Check for trends beforehand

Trend suffices fashion and you have to be agile enough to pace with it. Before heading out to shop, make sure you’re well informed and aware of the recent trends and their prices online. This will also help you get a good deal over the trendy item.

4.     Think about your finance

When it comes to marriage or wedding, it is not just your big day that matters. It is very evident that your fiancé plays an equal role in deciding the big factor. Perhaps being a man, it would be difficult for your fiancé to know much about bridal fashion, but at least try to ask him about the colours, styles or if he likes embellished/subtle outfits. This will not only build up more connection between the two of you, but he would also be able to admire you in what he likes.

5.     Fix your budget

Wedding is an occasion when the expenditure itself sways away from the whole savings for some people. However, it is very important and one of the most primary things you need to fix in your mind when thinking of spending on bridal shopping. Keep approximate figures in your mind before you shop for each item and stick to them. Avoid the frustration of blowing up all the money only on outfits when you’re unable to afford the item. This can also be done by avoiding overrated shopping malls and places which are both costly and not efficient.

6.     Check the fitting accurately

This job is something the bride must take seriously. Before trying the dress, you have to keep the sizing figures profound and firm in your mind and be confident about it. Wedding dress no matter how subtle it may be, it has to be heavy and the occasion has to be stressful. Keep the fitting perfect and up to the workload mark for yourself. Buy the dress which appropriately makes you feel comfortable.

7.     Right Lingerie is important

An ill-fitting bra can break your look which can also make you uncomfortable. To keep the blouse in shape, go for new and appropriate size bras that also go with the style of your wedding outfit. Avoid ruining your elegant ensemble by choosing old and worn out bras on the wedding day!

8.     Offers and Discounts can tempt you

When it comes to choosing wedding outfits, do not get lured by big discounts and offers hung outside the shop. These outfits are the outdated ones and may get damaged too soon after you wear them. While it is totally okay to bargain, make sure to go for affordable, worthy and properly stitched dresses. It is also important to examine each corner carefully no matter what brand or prize you buy it for.

9.     Choose the right footwear

Wedding shopping is not just about the outfit, but it also comes with the stress of trying on various shoes and foot-wear. Always buy the footwear after you are done shopping for your main bridal outfit since this will draft a rough idea of the most suitable footwear in your mind. Choose the right style and level of heel keeping comfort in mind.

10. Avoid trials during that time of the month.

Being bloated during the periods can make you feel a little heavy all the time hence it is the wrong time for you to go for trials during your periods. It not only increases risks of accidental staining of dresses but it will also increase the measurement problems. Sometimes women who are already feeling heavy during periods deny wearing light dresses that they regret to a throwback. Mood swings too can increase the level of frustration and the extreme PMS can end you up all riled up throughout the shopping. 

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