3 Ways to look festive and stylish this season

The garbha and raas full of excitement is what soaks you up in the festive season urging you to start off with your fashion game. The festive spirit not just restores joy and feast in your daily life but the period of nine days full of joy and bliss can urge you to look your best for the first dandiya dance you’ve prepared.

Festivals are equally amusing as is the liveliness and excitement to look stylish throughout the season while there is a devotional prayer attached to each day as you can relish the happiness ushered by the goddess Durga upon you. The nine auspicious days of Navratri are more about dressing up in your best attire and here is the complete guide to stock up the festive experience and look your best amidst the gleaming crowd.

1.     Choose Myriad Shades

This season is bundled up with Navratri festival which is traditional and that is why it is mandatory for you to enter the halls in ethnic attire making a loud celebratory statement. Choose some lively stuff with bright hues of shades like electric pink, orange, yellow, emerald green and red in light fabrics like georgette, crepe and paper silk so that you can move around comfortably. Opt for heavy blouses with zardozi work or readymade ones with embroidered work.


2.     Be the Boho Chic

What connects traditional and modern attire is the boho outfit that can make you look like the edgy fusion model so go for this flamboyant pick! Try something quirky and mould it with plain or cotton saris paired up with broad belts, oxidised jewellery or the modern accessory. Be the modern diva in traditional attire standing out in the crowd and accentuate your overall festive look.


3.     Classy and Real

Save yourself from the efforts of draping saris and cholis if you’re not a big fan of such attire by going for ethnic-modern touch like Indo-western gowns this season. Those with heavy flairs and fine work would make you the show stopper if you cling on to gowns and long dresses. Go for bold colours like red, pink and golden to fit in the ideal festive look.

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