How smart watches are changing the world of fitness


Smart watches …do they really make our life easy? Are they really changing the perception of people towards fitness? The answer to this question is a big YES. These smart watches are defining the new meaning of fitness keeping the record and track of what you are doing in your entire day and are those things beneficial or harmful for your body?  You can easily measure the number of calories you have burnt in your whole day so accordingly, you can also plan your diet and the type of exercise you need to do.

Fitness has a different meaning for everybody but these smart watches will help to monitor everyone their level of fitness. Smart watches are defining the new era of fitness. These smart watches are equipped with different sensors, algorithms, and accompanying mobile apps. With the advancement in technology every now and then, the health data collected by these smart watches just only be kept as a record for the a person using it but it also explains and displays the treatment to be done, if any, according to the level of fitness of the person.

Akshay Kumar in one of his statements said: “Fitness is like a relationship; you can’t cheat and expect it to work”.

I think that these smart watches are just proving this statement right. This is because these watches keep the complete record of your fitness and you can’t cheat yourself. Now let us talk about how these smart watches are helpful and how they are changing the world of fitness:


Thomas Monson has said that “When performance is measured, performance improves”. These smart watches can measure and track your health metrics like steps and sleep. These smart watches just act like your mother and always encourage and motivate you to improve yourself. When something is constantly with you, keeping your record as CCTV do, then you become more cautious and do more and more things which are correct for you.


The users of these watches are seen continuously checking their watches not for time but other purposes or for getting a different type of information. It also helps the people from the hassle of digging into their pockets to reach out their buzzing phones; this problem is also solved by these smart watches. These watches have become an obsession that people start to see their bare wrists forgetting the fact that they are not wearing a watch. This also somehow saves people from damaging their phones as they use the phone less because all the important purposes are solved by these watches.


These smart watches are so addictive that one day without them becomes a year for a person who is regularly using it. It makes us consider those things to which we have never given a second thought. Measuring steps, calories, poor sleep was never considered important by us until these watches make us believe that these things are important and play a valuable role in maintaining a healthy life. Now after the innovation of these people have become more health freak and wants to keep a check of their daily routine.

To conclude we can say that these smart watches are proving a boon for the people. These watches are taking fitness to another level and changing the fitness world at a fast pace. These watches are changing the mindset of people towards their health issues and making them more concern about their health. There is a famous quote “THE ONLY BAD WORKOUT IS THE ONE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN” and smart watches make it easy to plan your workout. But the only thing that must be noted is that these watches should be used cautiously so that it does not become a curse for you!

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