Fitness enthusiasm comes with a daily routine of killer workout and a motivation to put on your shoes and go out for a jog. Instagram has been the right place for people to go to and scroll down the feeds of favourite fitness influencer. Also, following an exercise becomes easier when internet motivates you to hit the gym. 

There is always a boost needed to follow the track of health and fitness and Trainers and fitness influencers ardently post pictures and videos of their workouts and diet to share it with the audiences. On days of gauging up your willpower to work out all you need is some extra motivation from the pros.

Getting some motivation and inspiration to work out early the morning when you’re lying on the bed and scrolling through the feeds of some real fitness freaks push you out of the bed to hit the gym.

We have lined up some motivation and fitspiration of these top fitness enthusiasts on Instagram who’ll inspire you and urge you to jump out of the bed and ace your workout routine.

1.The Rock- Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is the fitness lightening one knows through the Hollywood movie Fast and Furious. He regularly posts pictures of his brutal workouts and motivates his fans to work hard. His workout ethics and the sweat dripping sessions along with the strict diet plan encourage you to nail your workout routine instantly.

2. Athlean x - Jeff Cavaliere

With Jeff Cavaliere, you’d understand how important it is to work on your core heavily. This trainer shares his new workout moves with his followers. He is a physical therapy expert and will leave no stones unturned in the pursuit of creating a complete and functional athlete. The ex-Mets trainer applies his knowledge of science to create some effective exercising combos.

3. Gunnar Peterson 

He is a celebrity fitness trainer and a certified American personal trainer. His clients include celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lopez and professional athletes. He is widely recognised for his expertise in functional training and implementing innovative fitness techniques. His feed has got some real solid fitness motivation and guidance you need to follow.

4.  Dylan Werner

He is the Yoga instructor you need to check out if you haven’t. Dylan travels around the world sharing his yoga practice that helps people improve mobility. His pictures on Instagram of balancing his entire body weight, on one hand, had been quite popular. If you’re a Yoga enthusiast then this is the account you should get hooked to for getting health and fitness daily updates.

5. Jen Selter

This American fitness model from NYC shares her healthy lifestyle with the fans online. Her upscale fitness of butt workout took the internet by bash when she first uploaded the video. Girls who wish to have the physique like her must buck up and follow her on Instagram immediately.

6.Shaun T 

He created an insane workout for six-pack abs which you’ll know when you scroll down his feed. He frequently gives workout tips and one can often see before and after transformation pictures of his clients. You can fire up your fitness game by following his account on Instagram.

7. Kayla Itsines

She is an Australian fitness trainer who is also the co-creator of Bikini Body Guides (BBG). This Australian beauty has encouraged millions of women to improve health and fitness. With her BBG workout posts, she asks women to become fitter, stronger and more confident. Follow her if you want to achieve the ideal level of fitness.

8.  Andy Speer

Andy Speer is a trainer and Peleton Tread instructor who specialises in strength and conditioning. He also gives one on one training to Manhattan clients paying him big bucks. His daily workout posts and detailed videos of explaining why you need to do it would challenge you to pack your gym bags.

9.  Hannah Eden

 Hannah continuously keeps posting about exercising full-body workouts and staying toned forever. She is an entrepreneur, founder of a personal training group in Florida. Her HIIT workouts and the unstoppable drive to help others is what make her stand out. She is also a philanthropist.

1.    10. Cory Gregory

He is your training partner, who gives private and exclusive access to his daily training and diet regimen. He is a competitive powerlifter and a fitness model that trains online and posts pictures of walking lunges of at least 400m daily. He is a serious fitness entrepreneur who worked as an underground coal miner until he opened his gym at the age of 20. This training expert has competed in more than 30 powerlifting competitions and has an exercise specialist certificate from Columbus State.

These fitness freaks will give you some crazy motivation to buck up and hit the gym.  All you need to do is follow these enthusiasts and notch up your fitness by working out like a devil. Following these fitness enthusiasts, you’d be able to scroll through some inspiring and motivating feed that will urge you to push yourself a little harder on the treadmill. 

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