One of the most essential nutrients required in our body is the protein. Protein has vital roles to play in our body from breaking down food into energy to building up the metabolism in our body.  Protein overpowers carbohydrates and fats into making up building blocks of organs, muscles, hormones etc.

Many fitness freaks incorporate protein supplements in their diet to adhere to these body functions alone. However, gaining protein directly from your daily balanced diet is something you don’t have to blow up bundles of money on. Meals that are rich in protein have the potential to keep you healthy and consuming the whole time. Food breaks down into energy not only supplies your body adequate amount of protein but it also helps boost up metabolism and respiration process of your body.

These protein-rich foods have various benefits for your body adding up the amino scale in your diet.


An egg is considered to have a high content of protein and one of the most nutritious foods ever. Although the yolk of the egg is filled up with fat but the albumin (white part) of the egg is highly rich in protein that is loaded with eye defending antioxidants. Eggs are a brilliant source of proteins since they provide you with all the energy and amino acids required for your body that help in tissue repairing. It is estimated that one big egg contains approx. 6 grams of protein with 35% calories.

Soybeans and Soy Milk

Soybeans are low in saturated fats but high in Vitamins and proteins. They are also rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Soybeans also have many derivative forms such as soymilk. Soy has the ability to replenish your daily need of protein and majorly aids osteoporosis leaving you with stronger bones. 1 bowl of cooked soybean contains 28 grams of protein.


10 Almond contains 5.9 grams of protein. Almonds are a good source of protein, magnesium and fiber altogether since they help in reducing heart diseases and cancer. Almonds help your body in maintaining the cholesterol levels and hence they can also fight diabetes. One can also add Almond butter into their diet since almond contents in butter break down easily inside your body providing you with the benefits.

Greek Yoghurt

This is also known as strain yoghurt which is really thick, creamy and tastes delicious to eat. Greek yoghurt has around 48% of calories if it is fat-free. However, plain yoghurt contains nutrients and has various health benefits packed in it. This great protein derivative keeps a person fuller for longer hours.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is a supplement that is low in fat compared to the traditional cheese and it is loaded with nutrients like protein, calcium and phosphorous. It is interesting to know that every half-cup of cottage cheese contains about 13 grams of high protein. It provides protein directly to your muscles and repairs the broken tissues. 

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