4 Healthy fruits to eat during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage where every woman needs to pay keen attention to leading a healthy life. This will not just boost the mother’s health but it is also necessary for keeping the foetus healthy and fit. However, it is the mother who becomes the main subject when it comes to making correct choices of consumption of healthy food.

With wide varieties of food and nutritional edible items available in the stores, mothers often get confused in deciding what to eat that suits the best to both her mood and development of the unborn child. It is essential for the foetus to be fed with the nutrients which are nutritional for growth.

A healthy diet is best consumed with including plenty of fruits in your diet chart. However, vegetables, grains, protein and other food items are necessary for the pregnant mother to intake during the gestation period of 9 months. 

Here goes the list of 5 fruits to eat during pregnancy for the mother to lead a healthy life for both foetus and herself.


Avocado is a classified fruit that is highly rich in folic acid, greatly helpful for the foetus. This folic acid initiates strengthening of the nervous system of the baby while reducing its risks to adapt to disabilities after birth. This vitamin soluble acid cannot be stored in the body for too long hence pregnant women should continuously intake folic acid to assist in maintaining DNA and RNA of the maternal body. Researchers have concluded that babies during their first trimester when they form the foetal nervous system should be treated with folic acid by the mother through intake of folic acid-rich food since babies with folic acid deficiency affect brain formation and function.

2.     Cantaloupe Melon

This fruit contains essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamins and anti-coagulants needed for pregnancy. Intake of these nutrients during pregnancy is important since it can help the mother relieve discomfort like lowering nauseated feeling, morning sickness reduction and also relieves symptoms of heartburn in the stomach. It will further help in brain and muscle development of the foetus.

3.     Bananas

Many pregnant women adapt Anaemia caused by lack of iron in the blood which might result in maternal mortality. But the mother has total power over this by meeting all her body demands by consuming bananas that are a great source of vitamins that breaks down into the needful iron. The nutrients from the mother’s body are easily absorbed by the foetus through blood hence it is mandatory to eat this iron-rich fruit that contributes nutritional elements into the bloodstream.


Grapes have been known for being the star fruits for offering multiple benefits to the pregnant mother’s body. It carefully treats chronic venous insufficiency poor circulation, Haemorrhoids and oedema. These are a few of the diseases that occur mostly after the childbirth. This fruit increases skin elasticity and increases blood circulation making sure that an adequate amount of blood is pumped into the foetus’s heart.

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