Big Highlights of Odd Even Scheme in Delhi

The third edition of odd-even started yesterday as the pollution levels peaked to a three-year high in the National capital. The same scheme which was introduced in 2016 as a car-rationing system was put in place for better rationalisation of vehicles on the roads of Delhi.

This scheme implemented by Arvind Kejriwal paving its way since yesterday allows only even vehicles with even registration numbers on the roads today. This scheme is applicable to all non-transport four-wheeled vehicles rhythmic on roads in Delhi.


29 Categories of vehicles are exempted with this rule including those of Prime Minister, President, Emergency and enforcements vehicles. Cars carrying school children in uniform have also been relieved from this scheme while every other citizen is urged to follow car rationing scheme for every citizen’s safety.

Primary Scheme Rule

Under this scheme, vehicles having their last digits of registration numbers as odd numbers will be allowed on the roads on odd days whilst those with even ending digits are allowed on even days. The rule is extended to function from 8 am till 8 pm except on Sundays. This scheme is set to run until November 15.

Women exempted

"Women driving alone, cars having all women as occupants and women accompanied by children aged less then 12 years" will also be exempted. Delhi government will allow vehicles used for medical emergencies during the 12-day long odd-even scheme. Private vehicles carrying school children are also allowed on roads during the implementation of odd-even car rationing system based on "trust", said Arvind Kejriwal.

List of VIPs exempted

The long list of VIPs includes vehicles of:-

President, Vice President, Prime Minister, State governors, Chief Justice of India, Speakers of the Lok Sabha, Union ministers, leaders of the opposition of both the houses, Supreme Court Judges, Chairman of UPSC, Chief election commissioners and CAG, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Deputy speaker of NCT/Delhi and judges of the high court, members of the Lokayukta.

Apart from leaders, enforcement vehicles and defence vehicles are also exempted. Electric vehicles are exempted too.

Vehicles not exempted

There is no exemption for the vehicles of Delhi government ministers and the chief minister while privately owned CNG vehicles too are not exempted from the rule this time.


Heavy amount of Rs 4000 will be charged from those who violate the odd-even rule running from November 4 to November 15. Penalty of Rs 2000 which was put in place during the second season of the rule has been reiterated since the government has decided to hike the penalty as per the Motor Vehicle Act.

Ola, Uber and Other cabs

Cab aggregators will have to deactivate surge pricing during the execution of the odd-even scheme. Ola will work closely with driver-partners to ensure maximum availability of vehicles during needful hours. 

Auto Rickshaws and Signature Bridge

Auto Rickshaws are directed to go by meter prices during the implementation of the odd-even rule and the Signature Bridge connecting Wazirabad to East Delhi is set to remain closed from Nov 5 to 14 when the odd-even scheme will be rolled out.


During the implementation of the odd-even rule, approximately 2000 additional buses are deployed on roads during the time period while the cluster buses are deployed along with entire fleet of DTC. To ensure total convenience for the public, DMRC will conduct 61 additional trips during the 12 day scheme.

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