6 Extremely deadly roads in India

Road Trips terrifically sounds thrilling when it comes to driving through the lanes of canopies of woods. It is highly embellished by travellers especially in India who jazz up at the thought of hitting the roads to reach road ends. Unseemly weather conditions, dangerous terrains and high mountains don’t intimidate them once they commit of venturing on the trip.

Indian places of visits are indeed full of surprises that the traveller has never expected to see. However, apart from the cultural diversity, each place of Indian road end stores various lanes, aisles, mountains, rivers and landscapes you paint down framing paradise.

Somehow very few travellers and globetrotters are decisive about embarking on a curvy and blind end road trips. Trips that hump your heart are those when you curve along the blind lanes of lush green mountains, it will intimidate you to take a U-turn. Road trips sometimes are difficult when travelling through hard and barren terrain while the deadly ones are a few taken by travellers.

Here is the stock of top 6 dangerous roads that only the valiant ones can ride on:-

1.     Khardung La Pass

This topmost deadly road is fierce for more than one reason. With its dreadful route and turns, this road proves to be the highest driveable road in the country. The grim route extends from Leh in Jammu&Kashmir and ends at Kashgar in China. The apex point of the height ranges at Ladakh of 5602 metres. The roadways are at your throats and have been referred to as ‘Pass of Lower Castle.’ This precise getaway for true adventurists and bikers since the hardships of travelling kilometres above the mountain treats the eye with the stunning beauty of mountain valleys and pristine snow-clad mountains.

2.     Zoji La

The scenic surrounding of this route is indeed impeccable and striking but the odyssey comes with one of the toughest mountains roads to cross at an altitude of almost 11,000 feet passing from Leh and Srinagar. The spectacular view is the cherry on the cake and simply stunning but one should not forget that the driveway poses a lot of danger that can also bring heavy snowstorms and extreme climatic conditions. Often people are seen trembling to cross such roads where strong winds and landslides are frequent.

3.     National Highway 22

The spooky thought of crossing standing aloof on the roads is as deadly as a car rolling down the mountains. NH 22 gives you the chance view of sheer drops of hundred feet you’ve crossed. It takes only the strong-hearted ones to breathe deeply and peep outside the window. The edgy mountain roads where only brave hearts can drive at the bends, just the companion can look outside at the River Satluj flowing peacefully cutting through the deep gorge. We must inform you that there are no railings throughout the route and the road keeps getting narrower while the bends get sharper at unpredictable places. The chiselled mountains protrude from the side and may hang above your head so don’t be faint-hearted!

4.     Kishtwar Road

This road is another one which is one of the most terrifying mountain trails you will plan on to go. The route is simply exposed on one side by an entangling gorge while the road is not fully built. The narrow windy road doesn’t have any rails alongside for about 100 miles running along the Chenab River. Gravelling roads with stones all over and sand on the surface is not an easy one to cross. The overhanging cliffs come down super low that cars barely fit into it while the rocks hang down and cannot be attempted by novice drivers. Tourists have dubbed the track as ‘the Almost Killer’ road.  

5.     Sangla Road

This road has the cliff that hangs downwards which will give you goose-bumps while passing. One wrong move can cost you your life since the abyss is deep and are as clothes as death can be. The adrenalin-pumping route has several potholes and is barely broad enough for large vehicles to pass. The rocky precipice has an overhanging rock that gives you the eerie feeling of driving through a tunnel while there is a sheer drop of a few hundred feet if you try to look down.

6.     Pune-Mumbai Expressway

Who said that accidents occur only at mountain roads? This road seems to be a perfect road drive connecting two major cities but it is as dangerous as those in the mountains. Numbers of accidents have occurred on this highway which stretches at 94 km witnessing more than 4200 accidents in just 3-4 years. 

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