3 Places to visit in India where migratory birds rule

While India is a country with lush greenery and rich culture, it is also home to million species of flora and fauna where aves also reside. Our foliage and luxuriant vegetation is simply a gift to mankind on this planet. With lakhs of animals’ species residing, we still gasp at the sky and admire the beauty of a unique flock of birds.

Undoubtedly, birds are one of the beautiful creations by god with magnificent wings and diverse colours. They vary from shape to sizes while most of them fly high continuously flapping their wings whereas many just glides and hover in the sky. Every bird lover knows that one of the fascinating reasons for the flight of birds is migration which is why they are known as migratory birds.

Bird watching is one of the passion and hobbies of bird lovers who visit these places to spot some unique and beautiful migratory species of birds since India has been one of the shelters to these birds during harsh winters when they glide through the skies looking for lush green shelters for breeding.

Here goes the list of 5 places in India where you can spot migratory birds. Just remember to walk slowly or else you’ll disturb them!

1.     Chilika Lake, Odisha

This largest brackish water lagoon plays host to numerous birds are so far one of the most beautiful and stunning attractions of Odisha. One of the places where you can go for bird watching in Chilika is Nalabana, Birds Islands and Mangalajodi.  Approximately more than 160 species of birds are found in Chilika during winters while 92 out of these are all migratory and rest are local. Migratory birds you may spot here include birds from Siberia, Pintail Duck, Red-crested Pochard Duck.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat

This bird sanctuary is a favoured nation for migratory birds, especially during the winter season. You can perhaps plan for a visit here accordingly since waterfowls from Siberia are spotted here. You can also spot Pelicans, flamingos, crakes, Brahminy ducks, purple moorhen, heron and grebes. Early morning is the best time to spot the Siberian ones and most of the other species. You can also find several boats that can take you during the sunrise time to the bird-watching spot.

 Sundarban National Park

This place is popular for being home to Bengal Tigers but it is also an eco-sensitive paradise. Sundarban National Park is one of the resting places for migratory birds due to its natural environment. You can find around 248 bird species in this national park and some of them are herons, cormorants, sandpipers, seagulls, pintail, whimbrel, eastern knot, curlew, and white-eyed poachard. This place gives you an advantage of spotting bothe Bengal tigers and migratory birds. 

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