5 Pre-wedding skincare tips for beauty newbies

Pre-wedding is when the bride burns out of the commotion, exhausted of all the stress and tension amidst preparations which are the reasons why the beauty routine proves to be stressful for the bride. This will not just lead to exhaustion but would also increase the risk of getting pimples and acne.

The bride, no matter how much ever facials or chemical peel she rubs over her face, she would end up finding raw rashes over her skin on her big day. Save yourself the pain of going through that by keenly following skincare routine and keeping your mind calm.

Here are 5 pre-wedding skincare tips to look your best on your big day:-

1.     Keep away from chemicals for treating pimples and acne

We know that it is painful to find a zit on your big day which can quite be a nightmare if not treated well. However, try to stop yourself from resorting to extreme rapid solutions which can have harsh repercussions for your skin. The most common chemical used is benzyl peroxide which can leave extreme itchy rashes over the skin area. Prefer using salicylic acid to spot-treat acne or cling onto a BHA toner or face wash to treat pimples. Never deal with the agitated skin area.


2.     Use Physical sunscreens

Say no to skip sunscreens because of the sun definitely is harmful to the skin and derails skin’s recovery after scarring and pigmentation. If you’re tired of sunscreens that make you feel heavy on your skin, try to opt for physical and mineral sunscreens that are resistant to irritation and harmful rays.


3.     Just Avoid bleaching

Many beauticians and style experts would recommend you to bleach your skin to look light skinned especially on the wedding day. The bride needs to discover that the racially charged beauty hack is not just ethically non-sense but it is also menacing to your skin. Scientifically bleach is known for making the skin lighter in complexion but it causes severe chemical burns and this can ruin the state of your face especially.


4.     Throw away the harsh chemical products

Pre-wedding is something that is really close to your wedding day and introducing yourself to harsh chemical products that have to tackle your routine can not just be harmful but it can react with your skin severely. Think about the before and after aspects of anything before getting it close to your skin.


5.     Avoid products you’ve never experienced using before

Being a bride, you definitely want to look your best on your wedding day and that is why you start going through a rigorous routine but remember to avoid products you’ve not used before since it can react differently and leave you with unexpected and unwanted results on your big day!


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