3 Lessons Priyanka Chopra Jonas taught us

The resilient young model, who is now a global superstar never failed to startle us with her smooth elegance and refinement.  Over the top beauty is simply an addition to her humility and whopping talent. The Miss World pageant of 2000 over the years not just boomed the B-town with her confidence and charisma but she also became the true epitome of the real influencer of all times.

Unlike other ladies, Priyanka’s talent and articulate, brimming fortitude is something extraordinary that she carries herself with light-footedness in a magical poise. She is not just an actor, singer or a diva, but she is the exemplary all-rounder we used to talk about in the kaleidoscope of our school magazines.

Desi girl, PC or whatever you like to call her, everything fits perfectly with the megastar facade she flows with. Carving her golden path of glory and glam, PC decided to venture on writing her own destiny. She is the true independent woman we talk about to everyone when it comes to being the embodiment of success and agility.

However, after taking up several roles and playing them artistically, this woman has a list of inspiring qualities we all can learn to adapt from her. The global sensation even after being married to a pop-star stands out of the crowd who are dependent on their spouse. She indeed drafted her own identity painting a rosy picture.

Here are 3 ways Priyanka Chopra set an example of being the true lady amidst the society.

Bring in the change and be Independent

Although many of her campaigns and programmes are in the long run, this lady has exceptionally moulded herself in the society she lives in. This society is not the society of glam and capital, but this society is the place where underprivileged and the needful reside.

This woman who wanted to take up Criminal psychology but with her skills ended up winning the Miss World pageant made her debut in 2003 has over 60 films under her belt today.  Soon after she took notice of her emergence in the industry, she launched her own production house Purple Pebble Pictures and came out glorious. She was unstoppable when she made her bombshell entry into American Television as one of the protagonists in series Quantico.

Since years Priyanka has been moved by children who suffer and has been working with the UNICEF India to improve their lives. Her determined nature indeed urges us to follow where opportunity takes us and listen to your gut.

Take-up different roles

Priyanka has always shaped her roles as similar to clay and has been showcasing her potential of blending into the characters perfectly.


Be it Susanna in 7 Khoon Maaf or Jhilmil in Barfi, from Mary Kom biopic till Isabella in US Rom-com - Isn’t It Romantic, the global sensation has played roles of diverse characters.


She is also an investor of a dating app Bumble and tech School Holberton. Her brief singing career was an addition to the time when she used to be philanthropist working in UNICEF.

Head up High

As soon as the diva went to an American school, she started facing racism and named her the brown-skin girl.

Also, initially when she went to the West to explore Hollywood, she was not able to make up to the role since the casting directors called her brown.

As soon as she lost her father who was fighting a battle with cancer, she carried the grief of losing him and yet was resilient to move on and succeed. With intense hard work and dedication, Priyanka emerged as the worldly sensation transforming her drawbacks into strengths and powers. 

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