4 Scenic hill stations in South India to visit

The lush greenery and an incredible expanse of the southern part of the country offers delight and a glimpse of rich biodiversity housing types of flora and fauna. Although the Western Ghats dominate the landscape, the hill stations of south-India with the sun gleaming across the magnificent tropical the region are indeed scenic and picturesque if you’re thinking of venturing into pure habitat.

The alluring beauty and the mesmerising exquisiteness of the hill stations in the south would move you with its refinement and refreshing breeze. To ensure your revitalization and regeneration in a trip, we have listed 5 main hill stations you must visit in south India.

Recharge yourself, pack your bags and hit the lane!

1.     Munnar

This is incredibly the most serene place in South India looks like a paradise when visiting. The Munnar Hill stations are located in the Green covers of Kerala lined with beautiful lakes and waterfalls that tinker down the valleys. This place imbibes artistic beauty which is rich in aromatic ambience with exquisite flora and fauna. The scenic view would charm your minds once you reach the top of this hill station and start feeling close to the clouds that you can touch them.


2.     Coorg

This hill station snuggles in between the hills and valleys of the quaint Western Ghats. This perfect hill station is the gateway to heaven where you can come across countless streams through steep hills while trekking. This perpetual misty landscape will stun you with the beauty of nature. The breathtaking scenery will give you an exotic vibe once you travel through the dense forest-covered hills.


3.     Ooty

This very popular family holiday destination is quite popular for honeymoons too. This hill station is famous for its soaring mountains, dense forest with lush green beauty and fresh air midst extensive tea gardens. The famous toy train nearby the hills is somewhere you can ride into while the coffee plantations would mesmerise you throughout the trip. This place is famously known as the ‘Queen of the Nilgiris’ since it has been shrouded in mysticism by every traveller. The alluring hills are perfect for someone looking for a relaxing environment to unwind.


4.     Vythiri

This nature lover’s delight is often covered with couples everywhere. Vythiri is located in the Sylvan Northern high range of Kerala which is extremely rich in the ecosystem. The refreshing beauty and aura of this place would ask you to stay some more. This is one of the underrated places but one of the best ones. 

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