Top 5 Influential Tech Entrepreneurs

Throughout the years of flourishing technology, one thing a person seriously needs to imbibe is diligence in order to become one of the leading entrepreneurs of all time. This alone does not sum up the success you’re aspiring to achieve but mere restlessness and constant dedication is required to build the floor of entrepreneurship in your building.

However, technology is something that indeed gained reverence from across the world since it certainly eased the lives of many and helped assisting humans on a wide spectrum while people who built this technology have been the powerful ones. In a place where competition resides in every corner of the track, these are some of the top influencing Tech Entrepreneurs who shaped the present facilitation of humans and created what we call a new version of technology.

1.     Elon Musk

He is a true tech entrepreneur with a vision and hence is the entrepreneur of Tesla Motors, popular for a fully electrical sports car. This genius is people’s favourite on the list of entrepreneurs since he wears many hats after his accomplishments. Elon Musk is also the key co-founder of the most popular payment network, PayPal which he sold off to eBay for around $1.5 Billion. This man invested whole his life into coming up with Tesla and $80 Million SpaceX. It is known that during his building phase, he struggled financially and he even went into taking loans from his friends for daily expenditure.

Jeff Bezos

This man is a native of New Mexico who started selling books online in the 1990s. He holds the entire empire of Amazon under him while he is also the genius presiding over the online e-commerce giant. The virtual Amazon daily now is a place for millions of people to shop their household items and even groceries! He has been named as the Time Person of the year and has been garnering $28 Billion while coming up with a new technology of drone delivery mode. This company has indeed given a harsh competition to Apple in the digital content business of books with their Kindle readers. He is an ideal technology entrepreneur who with his great wit shot up the company’s stock price by 30%.

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose earlier appeared on The Screen Savers show talking all about computers and new technology. This man created Digg, which is a famous social news site allowing users to share and discuss news and related topics. Apart from this he also found the roots of Revision 3 which is a widespread Television Network streaming online shows on niche interests. The famous micro-blogging site Pownce was established by this visionary tech entrepreneur.

Jack Dorsey

One of the most popular and visionary tech entrepreneurs, this man is the co-founder of Twitter and is also known for taking the business to a new level by initiating his own startup, known as Square. This company operates on making less complicated payments. He sports the tag of ‘Apparent heir of Steve Jobs’ by GigaOm because of his obsessive focus on product development. He fabricated means for the people to communicate over the Twitter network which totally changed the communication of entertainment and politics for everybody.

Drew Houston

Andrew Houston is a famous entrepreneur and CEO of Dropbox which is a popular cloud computing service. He is a popular supporter of and enthusiastically encourages people to adapt to learning coding. He is again the co-founder of Dropbox which virtually attracted millions of users rapidly and this company has an estimated value of $4 Billion.   

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