Is your Pet beneficial to your Health?

“I strive to be the person, my dog already thinks that I Am”.

Nothing compares to the happiness of visiting home to a true-hearted companion. Unquestionable love of our pets can add beautiful movements in our life. If you are lucky enough to love your pet back, they may improve your heart health, social skills, decrease stress and helps children’s with their emotions.

It is estimated, 69% of U.S households have pets. But which type of pet brings a lot of health benefits? Over the past 15 years, Mars Corporation WALTHAM has partnered with NIH to answer all these questions. Scientists are looking at the potentials of mental and physical health care for many animals from parrot to cats and dogs.


Possible Health Effects

Research on Animal-Human interaction is relatively new. Interaction with our pets has been shown to decrease stress level (cortical hormone) and improve our blood pressure. Other studies found that interaction with animals can boost your mood, reduce loneliness and improve social skills.

The Mars/NIH Partnership is funding a large range of focussed studies on the Animal-Human relationship. Latest researches are looking,  How Pet Love might influence child development?

“There’s not only one answer about, How our pets can help us with specific conditions”, said Dr Layla Esposito ( Who oversees many Human Animal interaction Research Program).

Choosing our pets according to our goals is much important. You can improve your physical activity from owning a dog and reduce your stress by watching fish swim. Our pets can serve as a source of support and comfort. At this, dogs are especially good as their attention is always focused on us all the time.


Animals helping People

A current study is looking at the safety measure to bring dogs to visit patients in hospitals ( especially children with cancer ). Dogs can also help ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder )  Children to focus on social skills.

“Animals can become a better way of building a bridge for social interactions”, said Griffin.

Pets can help us in unexpected ways. Some recent studies show that “ Diabetes disease in teens can get better by caring for fish. Maximum teens are having type 1 diabetes and they have to keep check of their blood sugar ( blood Glucose ) similarly caretaking routine for fishes by feeding them and checking the level of water twice a day.

Pets bring new responsibilities. Knowing how to feed and care animals is a crucial part of owning your pet. Mars/NIH is looking into the effects of Animal-Human. Researches will continue to explore more health benefits for Human and Animal Interaction. People with pets are less harried and there's more laughter in their life.

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