11 Things you need to pack before embarking on a trip

A reliable packing bag is essential for dedicated travellers especially if you’re a Globetrotter.  Road trips and vacations need to be mastered with an appropriate packing list and a comprehensive travel packing checklist. Once the trip gets closer, you not only get excited but you also start thinking that packing is the headache in your life when you need to devise a COMPLETE packing list.

Things you need to stuff in your backpack could be wielded by ticking off each of these items mentioned below. The best solution comes with saving up more space in your backpack even after packing. You need to make sure that you carry your minor essentials like sock and shower gel. Folding clothes efficiently play a major role in saving space for the next item.

Picking up luggage that is versatile, lightweight and big enough to occupy all your important stuff is the mandate. Find an easy to carry the backpack and remember to keep the heavy item at the bottom, liquid stuff in the plastic bags and immediate using stuff goes at the top. Best way to create room for more items is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. From choosing your main luggage, carrying the basics to organising them will secure your travel without losing out on something that is important.

A following list is a valuable tool for you that work as a guide for you not to miss out on your main stuff which you definitely have to look out for while travelling.

1.     Passport and tickets

After packing everything, people usually forget to keep the passport in their pockets and rock up to the airport and station realising that they would be missing their flight now. How would you feel going back home then? Also, you need to keep in mind that your current passport doesn’t expire for at least 6 months from your arrival date.

It’s best to keep the passport or the railway ticket first in the list since it is very obvious that you wouldn’t be able to travel without it.

2. USB Adapter

What if your phone runs out of battery and you don’t have the charger? It is best to carry a USB adapter that has at least one USB slot for you to connect to your phone for charging. It also has different plugs built in so that you don’t have to carry the long, tangling and messy chargers that occupy half of your bag’s space.

3. Socks

Thick and thin socks not only help you in bearing the extreme climates you’re visiting but, they also reduce the risk of adapting deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on your long hours' flights. Socks help prevent swelling and compress clots by helping the continued circulation of blood.

4. Sunhat, Sun cream and Sunglasses

In countries near the Equator or at high altitudes bare stronger sunlight. It is good to pack yourself with a sun hat, sunglasses and other sun protecting stuff that prevent you from burning your skin from harmful UV rays. These items will occupy only less amount of space in your bag because they are lightweight.

5. Credit and Debit card

Make sure you carry your Debit and Credit card in your wallet which doesn’t require a foreign transaction fee. Travelling abroad sums up a huge amount if you have to pay 2 to 3 per cent extra checking out of a hotel and buying dinner. Travelling with a smarter plan for your transaction would not let you run out on your cash this way. 

6. Water bottle

Feeling thirsty while travelling is quite natural especially when you’re on road trips or hiking on top of the mountain which is why it is best to save up a little space for a water bottle so that you can unzip and take a sip whenever you feel thirsty. A metal water bottle is suggested since it will maintain your hygiene and would last longer.

7.  GPS or MAP

Make sure you have access to GPS App on your mobile phone that will be your saviour whenever you lose track on the way. This will help you navigate around the place and it is advisable to download maps already to keep things sorted when your signal doesn’t work out well.

8.  Shoes

People usually pack their shoes at the last after they finish keeping other essentials and eventually they run out of space because shoes are very bulky and occupying. It is best to take 2 pair of shoes and wearing the bulky one to the airport is advisable so that you save up a little more. Carrying walking shoes that are comfortable and can suit day and night is good to go.

9. First Aid Kit

The changing climate, Jet lag and the change in appetite can make you fall sick especially when you have travel sickness. One should carry a first aid kit and medical essentials for unexpected problems during the trip. Prescribed medicines or a tablet you take daily can be consumed by putting an alarm on your phone.

10. Language translation app

Different places have different culture and different languages. It is not mandatory that all the people in that place know the language you speak. It is good to download the language translation app on your phone if you want to convey something important to people in their language. Most popular translation apps include Google Translate (IOS/ Android) and iTranslate (IOS/ Android) 

11.Travel Guide Book

Using city guides and phrasebooks help you wander around the city with adequate information about the new place. You also get to know which places to visit and see rather than hiring a personal tour guide for yourself.

You will surely have a great time wherever you’re headed to with these essential items in your bag. This checklist helps you keep the backpack light weighted and versatile enough to travel and you’re good to go ahead! Happy Journey!  


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