How to budget your expenses and have fun?

"In an exorbitant Way, the glamorous world of Bollywood has influenced all young minds. It has shaped their psyche in a way that they start comparing living reality with the virtual one. They start living in a world of fantasy with a lot of hopes from their college life".

As shown in the movies, they think college life to be the best phase of their life, with no burden or tension. The idea of finding your soul mate during this phase has been depicted to its extreme, in various youth movies that are based on college life.

But when a student actually starts his/her college life, then they realize that college life is nothing like as shown in movies. It is a crucial part of one’s life and completely different from this virtual representation. There are back to back lectures, assignments and exams after exams. And as if this isn’t enough, the bonus that comes with this is that you are continuously haunted by the fear of not getting recruited in a company or getting the job of your choice. It becomes a necessity, to work hard in order to build a good CV. All of this creates a huge pressure on young minds. In order to refresh their mind and get a break from this hectic schedule, students can party with friends and family.

But another concern that comes to fore is how to party with so many expenses on the head? So, here are some inexpensive ideas that a student can put to use:

  • Buy used textbooks: Study material is really expensive these days. So, instead of spending thousands on new books you can buy second-hand books. This will not only decrease your expenditure.
  • House party/ night outs: You can plan a night out at your own or your friend’s residence where your group can meet and plan a pyjama party. Watch your favourite movie or shows and relax on your couch. This is the most affordable idea where you can spend quality time with your friends or family.
  • Indoor/Outdoor games: You can even play various indoor games such as puzzles, riddles, ludo, carom, etc. They not only refresh your mind but also make you nostalgic of your childhood days. Also, you can take a break from your busy schedule and play outdoor games such as badminton, football, cricket, etc. Along with this, you can simply go for a walk in a park accompanied by your friends.
  • Become your own chef: You can plan a house party and instead of ordering food from outside you can even try your own hand at cooking. Try inventing your own dish, by this, you can spend time with your friend and loved ones, and make innumerable memories. Along with this, you get tasty food at the end and then ‘Clean the dishes campaign’ which can turn out to be even more fun.
  • Events around the Campus: There are a lot of free and discounted events that are organized around the campus area such as concerts and star shows, where you can enjoy along with your group.
  • Visit Public Libraries: Along with your friends, you can even visit public libraries to explore the latest novels in different in genre.

It is always advisable to work hard to achieve greater heights of success but it is also necessary to give yourself sufficient break so that you can work more efficiently. Parties and entertainment activities should be done to refresh your mental make-up and lessen your stress. But as it is said, “Excess of everything is bad”, even parties should be limited and done only when it’s necessary.

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