Crack NLU Exam: Last Minute Strategies

All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) and CLAT are the two most commonly taken exams and are higher on the difficulty level. Law entrance exams in India are considered to be one of the most grueling ones. For any student aspiring to get an admission in NLUD, a few days before the entrance can become heavy for him/her because of the anticipations and apprehensions that generally precede the exam. 

The last minute jitters are the scariest because it can shake all your confidence in one go and reviving the lost confidence is very difficult. Here are a few tips that might significantly reduce the stress pertaining to the apprehensions before the exam. 


One of the most potent ways of reducing your stress levels regarding any entrance exam is by taking as many mock tests and practice tests as possible. Not only will you come to know about the pattern and structure of the kind of questions that will come in the exam but it will help you become more confident with every paper that you finish. This will enable you to face the exam day more confidently and giving the exam will become a familiar phenomena. Giving mock tests also helps you gauge your speed and build a strategy of allotting specific time to the different sections.

You will also come to know through mock tests if you are well timed for the exam or not, therefore, giving you a scope to improve yourself on that aspect. Another good idea is to solve as many last years’ papers as you can because this widens your scope of knowing questions that have already appeared in the previous exams and may appear again. Once you are adept in solving previous years’ papers, you will become even more confident about your chances of acing the entrance exam. 



Always remain absolutely sure about the structure of the exam and keep yourself upbeat enough to know if there are any changes in the pattern or structure of the exam. Since you will be giving mock tests a few days before the exam, you would know the areas that are your weaknesses. Try to work on your weaknesses on your last days of preparations and resolve the problems you have been having so that when these weaknesses transform into your strengths, everything difficult about the battle of an exam is absolutely abolished. 



Whenever you give an exam, always have a strategy in your hand according to which you will approach the exam. By segregating each time slot for different sections of the paper, it becomes easier to attempt questions without running out of time.  Always remember to tackle that part of the paper which seems a little difficult for you with a fresh mind and therefore, first. Once your brain becomes tired of the monotony of giving the exam it becomes difficult for it to concentrate and work towards a solution. For a time like that, always attempt that part of the paper that comes naturally to you and is your forte, for instance, English. 


It is very important to take rest between all these chaotic hours of studying and preparing. Do no stress yourself out too much before the day of the exam. Keep yourself hydrated and eat only as much as you can easily digest. Always remember, panic can be our worst enemy and it can destroy every ounce of our confidence. Retain your peace of mind and work calmly toward achieving your goal of cracking the exam. In order to keep your mind from worrying too much you, you can try Yoga and meditation so that you know the art of calming down even in the most stressful of situations.

Make sure that you have at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night before the exam so that you wake up fresh. It may sound very tempting to cram everything a night preceding the exam, but there are greater chances that you may feel lethargic and sluggish on the day of the exam which is not something you would want. Remember, a mind at peace can do wonders.

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