5 Jobs to do if you’re not a 9 to 5 person

Waking up at 6 in the morning can be equally daunting as sitting from 9 to 5 in the office doing the daily routine boredom job. However, one who has been looking for diverse job opportunities to utilise their artistic skills whilst earning big amounts is a road less taken by anybody else.

Here goes the list of 5 jobs you can do if you want to escape the 9 to 5 hours of boredom and joint pains.

Merchant Navy

This job allows the person to travel around the world in a cargo ship which is the backbone of international trade. All one needs to perform is navigate, travel across while performing technical work and meet new people, export and import merchandise. However, this job requires the person to remain on the ship for 3-6 months while earning a high amount of salary. Primary education qualification required to be eligible for this job is PCM  in class 12th. An entrance test is conducted for admission in this field.

 Cabin Crew

Cabin crew includes air hostess and flight stewards who are responsible for serving the passengers on-board. This job gives you the perks of travelling place to place which are near satisfactory for those who wish to earn while seeing other places and are passionate travellers.


Designers set an example of artistic durability in pursuing their career since they follow their dreams while earning. This field is really vast and has many career options for artists to pursue. For those with the creative streak, this job opportunity is just a piece of cake to excel in.

 Radio Jockey

A radio jockey is a person who hosts various shows on radio and manages on-air programmes and music shows while building content for the show. Their prime goal is to serve as the entertainment medium for the public who still enjoy listening to radio shows and music. It takes good sense of humour, excellent communication skills, confidence and creativity to be successful in the field.


Blogging is the new career opportunity which is in hype amongst the youngsters. As a blogger, one has to be flexible in their interests and seamlessly blog and create some engaging content for the readers online. It is one of the adaptable jobs in which the person need not worry about the time since it is equally compelling for the writer as it is for the reader. This field has a vast scope within itself since digital media has taken a wide crook in today’s world influencing most of the audience.


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