4 Ways parents should react to their child’s screen-time

Nowadays with development in technology, children too thrive to expand along with the development. Technology is something that will surely continue to flourish and grow no matter how much one condemns its side effects.

However, the time which splurges fast with technology, new gadgets and screens have come in demand while children below 5 years are engaged in mobile phones and gadgets. Various researches state that uncontrolled allowance of screen time of your child would perhaps make him happy, but it would menacingly be unhealthy for your child’s brain.

Many guidelines refer that a child under the age of 5 should not be allowed screen time for more than one hour. This will not just consume physical activity time of your child, but it will also cause major mood and behavioural changes within them.

To avoid such problems it is very important to take care of your child’s screen time and respond to it carefully. Here are 4 tips to do so:-

1.     Family meals should be screen-free

Family sitting together for dinner connects more than any other time. To cut your child’s screen time, it is very important to keep your child away from the gadgets and screens for a while to eat healthily. This will also save up your child’s time to discuss things with a parent which they should be sharing. Concentrating on food is healthier than keeping their eyes on screens on the other hand.

2.     Read with them

Being at home, children often start thinking that they need not study or learn at home which gives them the opportunity to utilise the day with long screen time. Flip this schedule into a productive one by utilising your child’s extra screen time into studies and academics. It is very evident that sitting with an open book in front is not so tempting for children. However, try to sit along with your child and read out with them to give them company.

3.     Do extra activities with them 

Children often get lured by fun activities especially if that includes creativity and fun learning. Doing something together with your child, like playing games, listening to music, dancing and singing with them will keep them actively occupied. Spend time on the weekends doing fun activities outdoor and encourage them to learn sports.

4.     Establish a safe screen zone

While your children have been constantly designating all their time to the screen, know what your child is doing and teach them the safe use of social networking apps. Take advantage of the built-in parental controls for phones and other gadgets. 

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