How to overcome social anxiety in children

Social Anxiety is something the majority of children go through during their early years. Often this epidemic issue is perceived as a shy factor in children but this virtually non-existing phobia of immense fear and terror can completely absorb your child as soon as they grow up into adults.

Feeling anxious is plain normal on concrete grounds of social anxiety when your child gets agitated at the thought of facing anybody. Such children mostly create a warzone like a scenario within themselves.  Their conscience almost fades away midst the turmoil of social situations.

Children going through anxiety and uneasiness often repel from regaining their inner light. They majorly face ‘denial of acceptance’ from the world and it is not easy to bring colours to their lives. Being a parent, it becomes their prime goal to cheer up their children to face social situations no matter what the situation is. It takes a lot of courage, patience and acceptance for the parent too in order to restore light in their life.

Understand their issues

Instead of shouting and pushing your children beyond their capabilities start accepting and understanding their situations apparently. It is evident that no parent wants to see their children suffering and victimized while they’re dealing with an excessive fear of being judged, embarrassed and poorly treated. Instead of ridiculing them and pressurising your children, simply start accepting the way they start the process slowly.

Understand that this disorder can originate out of their childhood history of social inhibition or out of regular shyness. This can also emerge by certain traumatic events which also include constant bullying.

 Be your child’s greatest alley

Parent’s love, support and acceptance are what a child suffering through social disorder craves for. This largely impacts on children’s ability to flourish. Try becoming a friend to your child and discussing solutions for problems they’re trapped in rather than setting limitations to them during the phase of phobia. This friendship is mandatory since it helps a lot in child development encompassing all the power in a relationship. Support your child and enable solutions by showing constant kindness to enhance their decision-making skills. Have trust and faith in your child and understand the nature of the disease in order to treat it.

Help your child overcome

Ask your child to sit back, relax and yield peace within him first. This helps a lot in transforming a person since inner peace is the treatment of all outer problems. Help them understand the basics of meditation to approach calmness and serenity to heal emotionally. Teach your child to focus on the brighter side of life and help him to be resilient. Cognitive reframing and communication is the remedy for your child’s phobia and it helps a lot in empowering them and moving on. 

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