5 take a deep breath solutions for angry parents

Have you constantly been yelling and shouting at your children without any reason? This could perhaps be the reason of the inner aggression that triggers anger out of nothing in you. Criticising every small pressure and no matter how hard you try, you fall back repeating the same habit.

Nobody looks forward to being an angry parent while your own children expect you to react in a different way. It not just drives a vicious vibe across the walls of the home but it also explodes others who are living with you out of extreme exasperation. Losing your calm and adapting constant scathing turmoill at every small thing may subject your children to seamless strictness and frustration.

Mentioned below are a few calming methods for the aggressive one to keep their composure while dealing with a situation and freaking people out.

1.     Know what triggers your anger

It is very important for the short-tempered parent to know what their triggers are and how they should keep calm at peak points.

2.     Focus on the word STOP

This word is as powerful and effective as a red traffic signal for vehicles on the road. You know it when you’re triggered and you overdrive your emotions, spinning it all inside of you and are all set to explode. This is the moment when you seriously need to sit down and focus on the word STOP. This word will definitely urge you to interrupt the angry cycle and stay calm in similar situations.


3.     Turn away

Keep yourself distant from your children if you frequently hit, slap or spank your kids describing the word anger and frustration. Consequently, if you hit your children out of aggression, you’ll end up creating a distance between yourself and kids with the word FEAR. It is better to erase this frightening word from inside of your children by turning away when you’re compelled to hitting them. This will not just save your children from your aggression, but it will also save them from the bruises.


4.     Analyse the situation

We are asking you to analyse the situation before reacting since it is very important for you to calm down, take seconds to inhale and exhale with closed eyes and then get a precise handle to the situation. Think of the moments where things seriously go off hand and you have Permission to start over and react wisely.


5.     Praise yourself

Depletion of self-love is the major factor of the anger that drives extreme anger within you. Take some time out of your daily routine and sit back and relax. Start adoring and admiring yourself for who you are and start praising yourself for being strong and wise enough to tackle each problem calmly. This way your brain will learn things better and would urge you to react differently in changing situations.

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