Wearing one colour from head to toe

"Monotoning a new trend of Colour Blocking with adds a fresh view in your looks".

Being honest, I was not sure that this Monotoning Fashion choice will work. But fashion accumulates all of the unnecessary stuff. Monotone wearing can be disastrous if not weared right. It can be a little bit boring after wearing the same colour dress from head to toe without knowing Monotonic Chic Cheats. 

Follow the below points which can be style Cracker way!


·  Choose a colour that will compliment your body type and skin tone. 

·  Pick a Colour that will highlight your looks.

·  You can wear a Pop Colour Dress in a monochromatic way.

·  Use accessories with neutral shades like White, Black and Nude.

· Keep simple makeup


·  Don't use the same colour accessories.

· Don't use many layers and keep the silhouette simple.

· Don't use many clashing textures.

This year new trend has brought the monotone collection in the wardrobe with simplicity and ease. A new mantra which is followed by actress and actor is "Less is more". All our favourite stars are drooling with this new fashion design. The new  “crème de la crème” is the Monotone dressing for ramps and day to day life. You can play a monotone role with a simple all-white outfit. 

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