Why is Career Counselling necessary ?

For a student who has just come out of school or is in school and is stressing on which course to take or which college to aim for, some help can come in handy. In a world full of neck-to-neck competitions, it is always a good idea to remain absolutely informed and hence, sure about your choices.

There are so many new career options that have come up which we might not be aware of and to break the conventions of the society we need a lot of convincing evidences. Career counseling is a series of sessions where a student is told about the various options he has in his field according to his inclinations and interests which we would otherwise not have given any importance to.

Career counseling can be of great help to students who are confused about which stream to choose for their secondary education. Counseling can help break the stigma that is attached to various subjects since the counselors give convincing reasons and examples to choose a particular subject. It can be a wonderful rescue plan for parents to approach a career counselor if they are perplexed and worried about their child

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