Do you love playing PUBG? You can create one for yourself!

Everyone is aware of the most captivating online game ‘PUBG’, but do you know the man behind this astonishing game?

BRENDAN GREENE, the one who has designed this sensational game is the lead director, editor, and cinematographer of the Player Unknown Battleground. He has acquired massive popularity among the gaming personnel. Born in the beautiful land of Bally Shannon, Ireland in 1976, he was raised in ‘The Curragh Camp’, an army camp in Ireland. He did his graduation in fine arts from a local college of Ireland. The world of photography enchanted him from the early days of his childhood.

He understood his love for designing and pursued a career in the field he was passionate about. Initially a graphic designer, he worked on various online video games. Before acquiring fame with most popular ‘Player Unknown Battlegrounds’, he created ARMA 2 mod Day Z, inspired by 2000 Japanese film ‘Battle Royale’.

Example of Brendan Greene clearly shows the extensive job opportunities in the field of designing. Graphic designing is a stream neutral career option. If you love doing creative work and want to explore designing as a career prospect, then you must pursue a graduate degree or a diploma certificate in the applied arts and design courses.

There are various types of designing such as interior designing, jewellery designing, fashion designing, etc. What are you supposed to do?

 A Graphic Designer is expected to:

1. Meet the clients or the art director to determine the scope of the project.

2. Use photo editing software, layout software, and digital illustration to create designs.

3. Create visual elements such as logos, original images, and illustrations to deliver intended idea or information.

4. Select colors, images, and typefaces to use and design layout.

5. Present various illustrations and design concepts to clients or art directors.

6. Inculcate changes suggested by the clients or the art directors.

7. Before printing and publishing the design, review again to locate any kind of errors

Graphic designers unite art with technology to transmit ideas or messages through images and layout of websites and printed material. They use a variety of designing elements to attain artistic and decorative effects by working with both text and images.

Brendan Greene was highly influenced by ‘The Hunger game novels’ and by developing PUBG, he has shown the world, the amazing combination of game and designing at such a great level. His contribution to the gaming zone will always be looked upon by the youngsters wishing to explore the field of graphic designing.

 If you also have an interest in the field of creativity and at the same time you love playing games, then you can also pursue a career in the field of Graphic designing and innovate your own game. Graphic designing has emerged out to be a great career option where you can invent and develop different kinds of layouts and designs. Stay ALERT!! The BATTLEGROUND awaits you!!

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