How to study maths to get 100 marks in class 12th?

"Mathematics is “Hard work and Consistency are the key to success”. 

Mathematics as a subject can be fun for some and a nightmare for others. The reason for it is the same. You get it or you don’t. Mathematics is a subject that no one can master in a day. It is purely based on logic, and it is a brain-teasing subject that needs extensive practice to excel in it. Class 12th board exams are one of the most crucial parts of one’s life and scoring good in these exams is really important to get admission in a well-reputed college. So, one must plan and work systematically.

PRATHAM, a name which has always guided the students to excel, says that to attain higher grades in a subject like Maths, the very first step is to be clear with all the basic concepts, formulae and theorems. Following are the steps one can take to get good marks in a subject like Mathematics:

1.Practice: One must stick to NCERT initially if the only concern is to score well in Board examinations. After practising all the exercise questions and example problems from NCERT, you can follow it up by various reference books like R.D. Sharma, M.L. Aggarwal, etc. But before jumping on to any extra material, make sure you have covered all the topics prescribed in the syllabus from NCERT. Also, keep the weight of every topic in mind.

2.Revision: Make a small register and note down all the key concepts, formulas and illustrations for future reference. Revise all these basic concepts each and every day. After completing the NCERT, it is suggested to solve previous year question papers. Also, appear for mock tests as they help you check your exam preparedness and locate your mistakes beforehand. Along with this, such vigorous practice also helps you in time management.

Apart from this, you must believe in yourself and take good care of your health. Also, you should try to finish familiar questions first so that you get sufficient time for the tricky ones. It is always advised not to skip steps in a mathematics exam since every step carries marks. You must try to maintain your handwriting and keep your answer sheet neat and clean. Although it is normal to get anxious during the exam still you should try to stay calm and composed so that your anxiety doesn’t overpower you and hinder your problem-solving capabilities.

There are various institutes that help in your preparation of boards as well as entrance exams after class 12th. PRATHAM is one of the most trusted institute that not only helps you prepare for different entrance examinations but with the help of great mentors and extensive study material it builds you a stronger base that helps you to score good even in board exams. It provides you with excellent classroom experience, exhaustive and comprehensive study material, and unlimited doubt solving sessions. Other than this, there is an online support system for students where all their doubts and queries are taken care of.

Overall, scoring 100/100 in class 12th mathematics exam is not impossible. It’s a simple process work hard, study systematically, prepare judiciously and practice regularly.

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