How to ensure safety during night classes?

“Life of a student is becoming really hectic these days. Back to back lectures, assignments in line and then exams after exams. Many students end up taking evening classes”.

 In fact, there are evening colleges where classes usually take place between 2:00 to 6:00. So, it becomes extremely important to ensure safety during night classes.

 Although crime can happen any time, during the night, the risk increases. The darkness of night creates an added danger for a student going for classes. Every day, we get to know about different cases of theft, assault and other crimes being reported on college campuses across the country.

 Safety tips and ideas can be taken to ensure safety at night:

1. The very first point that comes to mind when one thinks of joining night classes or evening classes is Do I have any friends or classmates joining the same classes? Try finding a friend who is planning to join evening classes and suggest him/her join the one you are taking admission in. It is always preferable to maintain good relations with classmates so that you can travel in a group.

2. Another important step that needs to be taken care of is beforehand planning. Always let your parents or the people you trust know about your whereabouts, where you are heading? At what time are you suppose to return? If you have any plan after classes, ensure that someone, either your parents/brother-sister or friends are aware of it and the location you are travelling to.

3. One of the prominent reasons of crimes that take place at night is lack of awareness. A student should be very conscious of the surroundings. Avoid using mobile phones when travelling alone, because it acts as a distraction and diverts your mind. Also, make sure your cell phone is sufficiently charged so that you can keep your parents or guardians informed and call them in any crisis or dangerous situation.

4. It is advisable to travel via busy streets and known places so that you are completely aware of the route to be taken in case of an emergency. Avoid taking any kind of shortcuts and deserted areas. Such places are more vulnerable to crimes.

5. Carry yourself with confidence. Criminals or assailants usually attack the ones who seem to be weak and could be easily preyed upon. You must carry various defensive materials such as pepper spray.

6. Also, various institutes offer free self-defence training to college going students. So, one must avail the opportunity and try learning basic self-defence techniques.

7. Along with the above-mentioned precautions, one must be completely aware of the resources available in case of emergencies, such as various helpline numbers, the location of safety department, etc.

College campuses are usually safe for students but even then, a student must ensure proper precautions to protect him/her.

It is well said, “Prevention is better than cure”,

So if you are not able to take morning classes and are left with no choice, but to pursue evening/night classes then you should be very cautious while travelling at night and can follow the above-mentioned tips to safeguard yourself.

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