Books or Internet: Which one do you prefer?

It is habitual for students to find information for their academics assignments. In fact, they are destined to do so and finding information is a big part in students’ life even after they leave their schools and colleges. Books and the Internet are major sources of information that not only students but generally everyone uses for their own purposes. Students research for thesis, experiments, projects and essays while others use for references for their research.

Book, as defined in the dictionary, is a written or printed work consisting of pages held together and bound in covers. On the other hand, the internet is a global computer network, providing a variety of information and communication facilities. Books have been with us since ancient times and since, have become a source of knowledge as well as entertainment. Back when the electronic devices had not been invented, the world used only printed words in the form of posters, newspapers and magazines.

Now, with the invention of the internet and other technical gadgets, we are leaning more towards the use of technology than willing to rely on paper. It has changed the way we look at our novels and textbooks and is now considered as the most powerful tool of information as it provides us from education to entertainment with just one click. It has been a revolutionary invention and we cannot think of a world without the internet.

This difference of opinions and choices raises the question that which one of these information sources is more useful? To read text on paper or on a computer screen is our everyday business but which one do we favour?

Let us find out with the help of the pros and cons of each given below:



  • Even in our modern world, there are hundreds and thousands who love to be engaged in reading books. They are safe and friendly to use and many of us prefer the feeling of reading and warmth while holding a book.
  • It completely catches the attention of the readers. As students, it is very important to have reliable information that we can use in our assignments and projects in order to excel in our academics.
  • Books are used for a more thorough and detailed study. They are more organized and help us to read and write our subjects in an orderly fashion.


  • Books are bulky and carrying them is an inconvenience for most of us. There are times when they are unavailable to us and we have to go miles to buy one. They can be costly and take up a lot of space.
  • Searching for a certain topic or a line can be difficult on paper and takes a lot of time. Moreover, the creation of books and magazines results in the wastage of a lot of paper.
  • Deforestation, which is one of the biggest threats that we face today, is increasing with the production of paper. Books cannot be zoomed in if the words are too small, and it can cause eye problems.     



  • People prefer to use the internet these days as it is more easily accessible. You can search for anything and everything on the web and it would show you a thousand results. You just need to have a provider and a computer or a Smartphone. The amount of information that the internet brings to our table never fails to amaze us.
  • It is fast and easy to use in finding information regarding a particular subject. It has made our world a small place as we can contact people all around the world on our phones and laptops. We can know about the events and happenings around us anytime as it is very cheap and available to us wherever we go.
  • Visual and sound experience is also provided to the surfer while reading. The web uses modern technology that functions with the help of renewable energy and does not affect nature.


  • Whenever we get a project, essay or assignment, we first approach our computers and search on the internet. There is no harm in it but the authenticity and validity of the information are questionable on the web. Most of the information that we find on the internet is the personal opinion of people.
  • Constantly staring at the computer screen can cause eye and back problems such as cataract and dry eye. While doing our research on our computers, we often get distracted and instead of utilizing time, we waste it by spending time on our Facebook accounts or on YouTube videos.
  • Another disadvantage of the internet is that we are totally unprotected from the sexual and violence stuff that comes up while surfing on the web.


Both books and internet are helpful to us in their own ways. They are also interdependent as both rely on each other for updated information. There are perks as well as quirks of each and despite the differences between them, they both provide tremendous information for us to explore. We should carefully note the advantages and disadvantages of books and internet and utilize the appropriate mechanism to successfully accomplish our academic or personal purposes.

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