NASA information hacked by the Raspberry Pi Chip of worth Rs 3000

Yesterday a hacker managed to access the Secured network of NASA which was one of the tops of the line secured place. But apparently, one of the hackers accessed all the information of NASA with the help of tiny computer and hacker had only basics knowledge of computer programming and he used to learn simple DIY Projects. 


Hacker took off the restricted and confidential documents of NASA with the help of Raspberry Pi Computer. This computer is the microcomputer which looks like in credit card and is used in DIY Projects.


Hacker created a secret portal by which he accessed all the files from the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA, as this lab handled all the Earth science and Robotic Arm Mission Projects. Fact is that this hacker used a tiny computer of worth Rs 2,500 which is so insane!

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