April Fool's Day- How brands are pranking you ?

Last week announcement by Microsoft made it clear that all the employees of Microsoft can’t take part in any of the April Fool Day Prank. But some of the brands have come with many pranks for today and these pranks left people smiling and scratching in amusement. In India, top pranksters are Lay's India, Ola, One Plus car and Tinder.

Tinder: Height Verification Badge

Recent Tinder blog, It’s come to our attention that some users are not filling our information form truthfully. Most of you have written height 5'10ers but in actual they are 5'6. This charade must stop. To bring truthfulness back we offer "dating with Height Verification Badge"


Lay's with the Fingerprint sensor

I hate it when someone put a hand in my chips packet and take out a fistful of chips, Don't you hate it too?

To deal with this problem, Lay's has successfully rolled a new series of Chips Packet that comes in market with Fingerprint Sensor and you are the only people to unlock your chip packet. Aren’t this cool! Joke is not over! It teased another one prank which honestly made me convinced this was “PEPSI Flavour chips”.

Ola Restroom

From pas man year, Ola was taking part in April Fool day and for me it makes me understand their pranks. On 30 March 2019, Ola tweeted with video “OLA Restroom”, which is basically related with Mobile Toilet that a user can book any time for his Ola Mobile App.

Ankit Bhati, CTO and co-founder, Ola, says, "With the Ola Room app service you can book just a room or a full cabin depending on your space requirements and your degree of claustrophobia".

As freebies are full-time lucrative, UBER send a fake code “UMC999” with tittle “FREE Ride Worth Rs 999”, When you will enter that code, you’ll be greeted with the message, “April Fool Day”!

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